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Ricky Jerret is a Miami Dolphins wide receiver. 

Ricky Jerret
Ricky jerret.png
Basic Information
Age: 30
Education: University of Southern California
Family Information
Father: Dennis Jerret
Played by: John David Washington


The son of former NFL player Dennis Jerret, Ricky played at University of Southern California before being drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then playing for the Green Bay Packers for most of his career before being released due to the latest in a long line of off the field incidents. He played one season for the Miami Dolphins before again entering free agency. Was pursued by the Dolphins, Saints, Bills and Rams. 

Behind the Scenes[]

Ricky Jerret is portrayed by John David Washington in the first season of Ballers.

John David Washington is the son of Denzel Washington and was himself a professional football player.